GRAFT Registry Launch

    GRAFT, the first US-based, nationwide registry of fat grafting for all aesthetic and reconstructive surgical procedures launched in October 2015 to the entire ASPS membership. This specialty-wide effort will ensure there is appropriate clinical data to help inform future regulatory decisions. The information will also be used to provide insight into the safety of procedures and to establish best practices.


    Inaugural PROS Conference

    Hosted by The Plastic Surgery Foundation (The PSF), the conference focused on patient-reported outcomes in surgery, and included presentations by world-renowned quality-of-life researchers, surgeons involved in PRO measurement, patient advocates, payers, device industry representatives and regulators. The conference demonstrated The PSF’s leadership role in the house of surgery, and the organization’s ability to successfully compete and secure extramural funding, as The PSF received funding from the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) to convene the Conference.


    This new platform unifying all of our registries on one platform sets the stage for plastic surgery’s most comprehensive registry program to evolve and leverage the potential of shared data. This includes NBIR which could serve as part of the Device Tracking process, PROFILE, which is a unique rare disease registry, which can be set up for future similar projects, GRAFT, and TOPS, evolving to capture more data at longer follow-up and potentially serve as a mechanism for the QCDR.